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The Human Factor of Sales & Marketing

Posted on Thursday, 20th February 2014

If you have been in business for some time you will know how important it is to build relationships. The more you know about the basics of human nature, the easier it is to build relationships and begin to understand why people buy. Below I have assimilated 4 basic facts about human nature that when applied to business, can be very powerful in relationship building.

Thank you - It's Just Good Manners

Posted on Wednesday, 29th January 2014

As a busy person it's so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business in chasing our tail that we forget to maintain, practice and employ the simple basics of life and human interaction that are so fundamentally important to each and every one of us. The simple task of saying Please and Thank You. Isn't it remarkable how such simple words are so easily forgotten, but when used can carry so much more meaning than if forgotten.

Lessons Learned for 2013: Perspective

Posted on Thursday, 19th December 2013

I am a great believer in the adage... "When you're green you grow; when you're ripe you rot", in layman's terms, every day is a school day and we are always learning abut ourselves and the world we live in.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Posted on Tuesday, 12th November 2013

We are told that business is all about giving, and the more we give the more we receive. Well that's the theory; however business is all about give and take. In return for remuneration we give products, services, advice and time, and then we do the same in reverse to those in our supply chain. That is what makes the wheels of industry go round and round. However one key aspect of the process that is constantly overlooked and is so fundamental to the success of business is the ability for people and organisations to thank those who have contributed to its success.

Price vs. Value: Today's Business Conundrum

Posted on Wednesday, 6th November 2013

We fully appreciate that today's business landscape is a very competitive and challenging marketplace and therefore pricing is a crucial factor behind any purchasing decision. But before you make that decision it should be noted that price alone will not guarantee you value.

A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned

Posted on Monday, 4th November 2013

Do you know what happens when What happens when organisations stop focusing solely on customer acquisition and start paying attention to customer retention?

A Pause For Thought: The Habit of Change

Posted on Friday, 25th October 2013

We are all Creatures of Habit in life and in business. Do you take the same route to work each day? Do you park in the same place at the supermarket? Do you use the same locker in the gym? Do you prospect for work in the same way that you have always done?

Is your promotional collateral working for you?

Posted on Monday, 21st October 2013

Everybody knows that promotions, and in particular promotional freebees, are a great part of the marketing toolkit. It is no surprise for us to hear that individuals will think of a business more favourably if they have been given something by them for free. But how and when such merchandise is used needs to be considered very carefully. With thousands of products available in the market, at a wide scale of price points, product selection can run the risk of appearing a bit random. Well considered promotional solutions hit where they matter: they will sit on a client

Planting a Seed and Nurturing a Lead is it a Sales or Marketing Process?

Posted on Tuesday, 15th October 2013

What is Lead Generation you ask? Lead generation can be defined as a marketing process that identifies a target audience and stimulates interest within a group of prospects for your products and services. Once identified, this interest is then nurtured carefully with specific targeted attention grabbing solutions with the intent of turning them into sales and generating along term revenue relationship.

Does your Brand have the X Factor?

Posted on Monday, 7th October 2013

With X Factor back on our screens, ask yourself would your brand stand out from the crowd to existing and potential new customers? Marketers understand the importance of brand identity and the part it can play in the consumer decision making process. However do you really understand the value and importance of this key aspect of marketing.