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Is selling a life skill all of us require?

Posted on Monday, 30th September 2013
Like it or not we all live by "Selling" something in one form or another. Sales is defined as the exchange of a commodity for money, reciprocal services or other forms of compensation. In its simplest form it is the basis of all commercial activity. We all need to sell in order to live because that

What's the impact of a promotional gift?

Posted on Tuesday, 24th September 2013
Research, has revealed some extremely positive statistics for Promotional Merchandise in terms of an items lifespan, popularity and its impact on branding.

5 Steps to Promotional Success

Posted on Tuesday, 17th September 2013
Successful promotional marketing campaigns don't happen by chance. Like any solid marketing program, they require careful thought and planning. It goes without saying that a budget must be considered, but before you begin you must take in to account other factors, such as your target audience and what your ultimate goal is.

The Problem With QR Codes

Posted on Friday, 6th September 2013
Did you know QR Codes are killing kittens, no really the video below is a funny take on QR Codes and what the problem is with them, however before you agree with our exponent that these black and white dots are useless stains on our marketing landscape. Our man reavels that the real problem with QR Codes is not the QR Codes themselves, but the lack of judgement and thought that has been put in to employing by marketers in their in marketing campaigns.

Building your Brand with Promotional Merchandise

Posted on Thursday, 5th September 2013
As a business professional the main underlying goal of your day to day activity is to increase your Brands individual identity and itapos;s equity within the markets you operate. So how do you do this you ask. The good work and the services you offer to your clients will no doubt increase your profile amongst your community, and no doubt you receive additional business through the referral network. However time will come when you will need to increase the perceived value of the products and services you offer and thank those that have made these new introductions to your brand.

Networking 101: Is It Time for a Network Audit?

Posted on Tuesday, 27th August 2013
Do you actually know the state of the relationships in your network? At the simplest level, a good way to assess the effectiveness of the relationship you hold with these people is to ask yourself this one simple question. Would they take your call if you called them right now?

Back to School?

Posted on Thursday, 22nd August 2013
Our Kids are sloping back to school this week here in Scotland and no better way to get a message in people's hands is on a pen or pencil. Research has found that a promotional pen or pencil will pass through at least 7 peoples hands in its lifetime, do you know of any other media that has that much potential reach over a sustained period at such a minimal cost.

What is an Infographic?

Posted on Thursday, 15th August 2013
Information Graphics or Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Infographics channel information in a visually pleasing, instantly recognisable and understandable manner, making it not only powerful tool, but extremely effective means of communicating visually in a simplistic form that can be interpreted in any language.

Stressballs At The Movies: The Umpire Strikes Back

Posted on Thursday, 15th August 2013
With the commencement of the 5th and final Ashes Test Match this week we are having a little fun in conjunction with the UK's only Stress Ball Manufacturer to show how they can be used to support all types of events and occasions.

Demystifying The QR Code [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted on Thursday, 15th August 2013
The jury is still out on the benefits of QR Codes. A lot of brands and marketers still seem perplexed on how to best employ them within their marketing activity. Here is a Infographic to give you some insight how they can work for you.